About April

April Beedle is a long time Alaskan. As a wife of a fisherman, and mother of fishermen, her world revolves around the ocean and all its great resources and treasures. In the fishing community of Cordova, all sorts of rope, line and netting are used to catch a wide variety of sea life. April is turning these materials into fine artwork that gives these recycled treasures new life! Check out the store for a wide assortment of her original hand crafted artwork. Every item is inspired by her nautical surroundings and her love of knotting.

From April Beedle, Owner and Creator of Knot Crazy!

I am absolutely and officially Knot Crazy! For some reason my family continues to insist that I AM crazy....! I love knotting and making all of these nautical creations, I have over a dozen different items and thoroughly enjoy making each one. My husband was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska and has always been very knowledgeable about knots. His help and expertise are a vital addition to my business; we are definitely a team! We tied the knot in May of 1988 in Riggins, Idaho, where I grew up. Our five children have grown up in this coastal fishing town and our lives intertwine daily with our nautical surroundings. It wasn't until October of 2011 that I became Knot Crazy. In the fall of that year our son Jesse had landed a job on the F/V Pacific Sojourn and was headed out to go long line fishing for several months. Earlier that summer a good friend Victor had given me a very cool knotted ship's wheel necklace made from hanging twine. I thought it was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen, and decided that learning to knot was something Jesse would have opportunity to do on the boat. So, I ordered several knot books that he could take with him. A couple of the books showed up after he left so I decided to check them out...and that is how I became officially and absolutely Knot Crazy! (Jesse is a knotter now too, he taught me how to make the ships wheel and has sailed far beyond me in his knotting ability!)

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